About us

Accordia Solution is an innovative developer of Contact Center Solutions specifically targeted at the micro, small and medium operations. Our flagship product, the, Accordia Customer Interaction Suites (CIS) of solutions, offers comprehensive functionality that helps organizations of any size across the industry worldwide take advantage of technologies, strategies and processes adopted by larger organizations at cost effective prices. We strive to assist and enable organizations to compete on an equal footing in the industry by streamlining their customer interaction strategies.

We, at Accordia Solution, believe in a practical and pragmatic approach towards providing cost effective and viable solutions to our customers. We strive to help our customers drive down the cost of technology acquisitions through Accordia’s 20 years and more of experience in telecommunications and information technology, by customizing and combining open source technologies with proprietary solutions. In the real world, no business is static – software changes to meet new requirements, the cost of software maintenance, and upgrades can be very high for some organizations. We also strive to bring a balance between cost and technology in assisting our customers when it comes to solution deliverables and maintenance. We are committed to remain true to our clients in our deliverables and services.

Commitment to innovations

We are committed to continuously innovating our solutions to the benefit of our existing clients and future clients. We have therefore remained true to ourselves in upholding this by focusing on the development of the solutions and outsourcing the implementation and deployment to our business partners.

Commitment to Standards

We feed innovations back into standards. We invest a substantial portion of our research and development into technology to deliver new products and services to our customers. We strive to consistently provide some of the highest levels of customer support.

Your success is our success

The achievements of an organization in the new world are the results of the combined effort of each individual, the customers and the suppliers.

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