Integrated All in One Contact Center Solution For A Quicker And Cost Effective Implementation Avoiding Complex and Costly Integration

Cost effective Modular Solutions allows you to start small and add functionality as you grow.

Accordia Customer Interaction Suites (CIS) helps your business meet and exceed the level of service in line with the expectations of your customers, while driving your employees’ productivity and controlling your operational costs. Accordia CIS is an IP based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) application that maximizes routing and resource selection, allowing your agents to handle calls more effectively. This improves overall productivity in a single location, even multiple locations, seamlessly. Your Call Center Manager is given the flexibility to choose whether in-bound calls should be routed:

  1. to the first available agent;
  2. most idle agent; or
  3. agents with skills that best match the customer’s needs.

This targets specifically micro, small, medium and virtual contact centers with single or multiple sites. With this level of manageability and sophistication, Accordia CIS thus has the solutions you need to manage and grow your business.

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