Accordia Agent Evaluation (AE)


We understand that your call center agents are the most valuable, and often the most expensive, business asset in your call center. An objective performance-based quality monitoring, agent scoring and training program is vital to ensure consistent delivery of a pleasant customer service experience in your call center. With Accordia Agent Evaluation (AE) Module and Integrated Voice Logger (AVL) solutions, you can provide your call center agents with the feedback and training that they need in order to improve their performance.

Benefits of Accordia Agent Evaluation

The Accordia Agent Evaluation (AE) assists your call center managers and your quality assurance team in performing quality monitoring and performance management. This is done by providing insights into every individual agent interaction. Accordia Agent Evaluation enables your call center to quickly assess how well your call center agents are performing when conducting business over the telephone. Flexible and configurable score cards allow your call center to align quality monitoring efforts with your strategy and business goals. The Accordia Agent Evaluation enables your managers to:

  • Deliver objective performance evaluations of your agents
  • Efficiently identify targeted training needs of your agents
  • Track your agents’ performance improvements over time
  • Coach your agents for improved success

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