Accordia Call Blending (ACB)


The Accordia Call Blending (ACB) provides the capabilities for your agent to make out-bound calls as well as receive in-bound calls without affecting your In-bound Calls Service Level. Out-bound call centers plays an important role in present business scenarios. Though some call centers work only on an in-bound operation, most work on both. These are usually the bigger call centers that may have separate groups of agents specializing in in-bound and out-bound calls. However, smaller call centers may have agents from time to time to handle both in-bound and out-bound operations as it could be costly to have entirely different sets of agents dedicated to incoming or outgoing calls respectively. For such call centers, the biggest concern and challenge is striking a balance between in-bound and out-bound operations, so that there are enough agents to handle calls when the call volume rises, and to ensure that productivity does not decline when the call volume drops.. To illustrate, if the in-bound agents remain idle for a particular amount of time, they can be used for outbound operations. Similarly, in a collections handling department for instance, receiving calls is as important as placing calls, so your agents can be used for both.

By integrating in-bound and out-bound services, call blending allows your call center to maximize your agents’ skills as well as time. Our ACB will detect the status of your agents to determine if there are any in-bound calls in the queue before routing an outbound call to your agent. With ACB, the productivity of your call center agents is increased. This keeps your customers satisfied with your service.

Benefits of Accordia Call Blending

The Accordia Call Blending (ACB) is a cost-effective way to reduce abandoned calls by incorporating an outbound team as back-ups. This lowers call queue time, and increases your agents’ productivity. It also helps to achieve the following:

  • Maintain and improve customer service levels by pooling idle resources; and
  • Improves call center agents’ productivity by routing outbound calls to idle agent.

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