Accordia Call Center (CC)


The Accordia Call Center(ACC) is an industry skills-based routing application that addresses your needs for a cost effective Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) application that meets operational requirements without sacrificing features and functionality. The ACC skills-based routing (SBR) maximizes call distribution and utilization of recourses, thus allowing your agents to handle calls more effectively, improving overall your productivity and your operational costs. ACC has been developed on top of the robust and proven Asterisk open-source IP Telephony system. ACC allows organizations with multiple sites to take advantage of ACC Virtual Call Routing and IP Agents in maximizing utilization of resources across all locations.

ACC supports integration with traditional circuit-switched (Analog or ISDN) and SIP networks, as well as hybrid environments, thus allowing businesses to leverage on as well as protect the existing hardware and software investments.

Benefits of Accordia Call Center

  • Improves call-routing flexibility
    The skills-based routing capabilities of Accordia Call Center ensure calls or contacts are routed to a suitable agent with skills that best match callers’ needs in a timely manner, avoiding unnecessary call transfer.
  • Reduces cost, increases efficiency
    By improving call-routing efficiency, coupled with a set of comprehensive real time and statistical reports, Accordia CC helps call center managers in resource planning.
  • Delivers personalized service
    With Caller ID and account number presented to your call center agents based on callers’ input to the Accordia Interactive Voice Response or phone number identification as provided by the telcos, your caller’s name and information can be retrieved automatically via computer telephony integration (CTI) and further open an CRM application or Accordia Contact Management screen.

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