Accordia Knowledge Base (KB)


The Accordia Knowledge Base (KB) provides a simple and effective way for your call center to search for support and product information in order to assist your callers efficiently. Most organizations aim to share accurate and precise information among their customers and their employees so that the experiences of both of its callers and agents are enhanced, by giving them access to important information related to their enquiries. Accordia Knowledge Base provides the following features:

  • Unlimited categories and unlimited category depth
  • A browser base
  • Comments – Ability to add comments to articles
  • Attachments – Ability to allow uploading of attachments to an article
  • Statistics – Ability for your administrator to view statistics from the most-viewed articles and search terms

Benefits of Accordia Knowledge Base

Accordia Knowledge Base provides the ability for round the clock online support without being overly dependent on second level support. It helps to reduce response time in customer support and quickly provide answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by your customers with the most time-saving facilities, thus improving First Call Resolution in your customer service handling.

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