Accordia Outbound Dialer (OD)


The Accordia OutBound Dialer (AOD) helps call center and telemarketing companies simplifies the time-consuming and unproductive task of placing outbound calls manually. It increases the productivity of your telemarketing agents or campaigns in achieving the following:

  1. Obtaining responses or surveys from members, employees, customers and prospects;
  2. Marketing products and service;
  3. Placing announcements and reminders;
  4. Creating appointments, pre-scheduled meetings and confirmation of conferences;
  5. Collections.

The Accordia Outbound Dialer automatically dials from a list of numbers which turns all calls over to your next available agent with the skills set for your outbound campaign. The AOD presents the call center agent with information about the prospect or customer to be called. Your Call Center Manager can create a call list of prospective numbers from an import list or one of their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases. Apart from that, your manager can also select specific lists for their agents to call and monitor the flow of calls. By coupling the Accordia Outbound Dialer and Accordia’s Integrated Voice Response and In-Bound Skills-Based Routing Solution, the Accordia Outbound Dialer calls can be routed to the Accordia’s Integrated Voice Response for self service and playback of pre-configured announcements or routed to a telemarketing collection or support agents for assistance and call handling.

Benefits of Accordia Outbound Dialer

The Accordia OutBound Dialer improves your customer contact and interaction. The Accordia Outbound Dialer takes care of the mundane for your valuable employees so that they, in turn, are able to take care of pressing issues that drive revenue for your business and improve its customer experience.

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