Accordia Voice Logger (AVL)


The Accordia Voice Logger (AVL) is an integrated IP and TDM based Voice Recording Solution. Recording customer interactions is vital for any organization, including yours, that should strive to minimize risk, protect you from any liabilities, ensure compliance, and control dispute-related costs from sales, service, claims, collections as well as other sensitive interactions. The AVL provides an in-depth picture of customer interactions by allowing you to monitor and improve your customer service quality delivered by your local or remote call center agents. Recordings of customer interactions provide a vast amount of intelligence about the process, customer satisfaction, front-line agent performance, and revenue opportunities of your business.

The Accordia Voice Logger provides centralized access and administration via a Web-based interface – authorized users can quickly and easily access recorded interactions filtered by:

  1. caller ID;
  2. the agents’ name; or
  3. the date and time.

Benefits of Accordia Voice Logger

The Accordia Voice Logger (AVL) enables call centers to objectively evaluate the behavior of call center agents, provide timely feedback and support, boost the quality of your service, and most importantly, cultivate customer experience and loyalty. Essentially, the Accordia Voice Logger can be an invaluable feature in your call center, helping you to monitor agent performance while performing quality assurance tasks. Furthermore, order entry verification and confirmation can be easily accomplished when your calls are recorded.

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