Accordia Contact Management (CM)


The Accordia Contact Management (CM) system enables your call center to manage all customers’ and prospects’ contact information centrally. It provides fields for companies and contact names, addresses and telephone information. Tags are available in Accordia Contact Management to place the contact into a specific category for easy search capabilities. A quick search function is available based on tags, names, and telephones. Accordia Contact Management also provides the function to add notes to each contact and stores it based on date and time. It is perfect for a set-up if you are interested to take down messages or notes from each of your caller and keeps a history of it.

Benefits of Accordia Contact Management

Accordia Contact Management (CM) allows your call center to handling calls effectively with a simple and easy to use contact management system (CMS). Accordia Contact Management is an integrated CMS that allows individuals, companies and organizations to both keep track of customers, potential customers or leads, and suppliers by creating a record of contact information and all interaction with them. It is ideal for organizations who may not want to adopt a full blown CRM but needed an easy and non-complicated contact management application to centralize the organization’s contacts information.

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