2010 Best in the Asia Pacific Contact Center Industry Named

The 2010 Best in Asia Pacific, Share Ideas and Identify the Best to Present at Global Contact Center Best Practices Conference Later This Year

Gold Coast, Australia.– 9th July – following 3 days of sharing best practices ideas and networking, Contact Center World hosted a gala dinner where the best in the Contact Center Industry in Asia Pacific were recognised and rewarded with an opportunity to represent the industry at the best practices conference featuring the best from around the world in Las Vegas in November 2nd to 5th at the Palms Resort.

The best practice conference only features contact center practitioners – no vendors are invited to sell any products. All speakers have undergone thorough evaluation and deemed to amongst the best in the region and they are then invited to present in front of their peers and share best practices. The audience – delegates who are interested in learning from the best get hundreds of ideas covering all areas of running a contact center. The delegates are then asked to vote and the best are identified based on feedback from the audience.
Commenting on the conference:

Khairiah Binti Hj Adam of Vads (Malaysia)
Well organized event by Raj and Contact Center World Team. Superb presentations, tips and learning points from the world class speakers, .. there is no other event that can truly show the appreciation and recognition to the people in the contact center world … This is the right place and its MAGICAL! .. Kudos to CCWA organizer
Steve Pels, Treasurer Australia-Asia-Pacific Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA)
Last week the Asia Pacific section of the Contact Center World Awards and Conference were held on the Gold Coast in Queensland. This is a brilliant conference where entrants and observers from all over Australia and Asia come together to listen and appraise presentations from the entrants in a variety of categories. Listening to a broad range of entrants presenting on a wide range of subjects it is impossible not to learn new ideas and gain tips for improving the operation of your contact center. Another unique aspect of this conference is there are no sponsors, no vendors trying to sell to you – it is just contact center practitioners sharing ideas in good spirit.
Belinda Sproule, Call Center Group Manager at HCF (Australia)
The Conference was an excellent opportunity to hear from the best in the industry across a broad range of countries and industries. It was a confirmation that what I am doing in my own call center is on track and in line with other contact center professionals. It was also a great opportunity to gain some new ideas, find further inspiration and make some valuable contacts for now and in the future. Very worthwhile and much enjoyed!
Aska Kamiya of SOFTBANK BB Corp.(Japan)
Thank you for organizing this event and gave us the opportunity to participate.
Also we are so grateful to everyone who participated and shared their ideas.
We are honored to receive Gold Medal for Technology Innovation and looking forward to participate in the Las Vegas Conference!
Wardhani Soedjono of VADS (Indonesia)
Although this is the first time for me to join this event, the APAC in Gold Coast really has given me the opportunity to learn from best practices, meeting best performers and motivating me to get better and say “Why not the best?”

Chew Su Fong of Celcom Axiata (Malaysia)
We are very happy to be the recipient of three Golds and one Silver Awards in the four categories that we contested for. What is most important to our organizations and the Customer Service Division, in particular, is the endorsement of all our hard work and sacrifices to attain superlative customer servicing. The Awards which was announced in our Blue Alert (company internal bulletin) motivated our people tremendously and proved to us that good work will be rewarded. Having won the awards also mean that we have to strive harder and be more innovative in our servicing channels in order to further improve or even just to sustain our standards. We felt that continuous improvement is a journey as the customer landscape evolves with the introduction of more and more sophisticated products and changing lifestyle. We would also like to thank Contact Center World for organising this event where it also provides a very good platform for the sharing of ideas and good practises with professionals from the same industry in Asia Pacific region. Indeed this is truly a good platform for networking and the entire organizations has been well structured, transparent and fair. Once again, thank you Raj to you and your team.

Haruko Hoya of Telemarketing Japan
It was our honour to compete in this international event! There were so much to learn about latest tools, insights & best practices shared by great presenters from APAC countries.
Charlie Roach of OCIS (Australia) said
The conference was great and beautifully capped off by the incredible gala dinner – a fun and inspiring event overall.
Masa Takayama, General Manager of Customer Service Division, Softbank Mobile Corp. (Japan)
We must thank everyone involved in this event that we have learned many tips again even if this is just subsequent to attending EMEA Conference. The attendees are all passionate about their jobs, and we would like to take advantage of such valuable network to improve our services and customer/employee satisfaction.
Marco Angelo C. Burgos, Senior Operations Manager – CELCOM A (Telecom Malaysia) Company

Being a part of this conference made me realized that having a 7 year experience in workforce management is still not enough. There are a lot of strategies, processes, different approach and perception as to how to fine tune WORKFORCE planning, this event was indeed in line with sharing best practices!.and I’m so lucky and honored to be part of the APAC group!, kudos to ContactCenterWorld.com and Raj!…keep it up!
Yu Hasegawa, OCN Support Center at NTT-ME Corporation (Japan)
We were very honored to have such a fantastic opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the asia/pacific regions and share practical ideas with them. Plus, we were able to build a network of different industries providing professional contact centers to their customers. They all have inspired us to improve our contact center.

Rick Costa (Australia)
Just when you thought you know enough about the Contact Center Industry, an astonishing event such as Contact Center World APAC Conference absolutely blows you away! Once again, as a participant/presenter of Contact Center World.com for the past three years, I have walked away with not only a wealth of knowledge and hints from various presenters, I have once again walked away with a list of new friends that share the same common challenges and achievements within the same industry from around the world. Congratulations to all the companies that presented and for the valuable knowledge you have given me and a very special thank you to ContactCenterWorld.com

Pauline Low of NTUC Inccome (Singapore)
NTUC Income is proud to be awarded as a Gold Medal Winner of Best Contact Center (mid-size) in APAC. Our other achievements include Best IT Support (Gold); Best Workforce Management (Silver) and Best Trainer (Highly Commendable). The Contact Center World Awards is a true platform where industry practitioners gather annually to share their best practice experiences and being recognised bear testimony of our Contact Center being a best practice contact center. We strongly encourage all industry practitioners to be a part of this prestigious event where we gather to network and learn from each other. The sharing of experiences will open our minds to a whole new realm of practices.

Jaclyn Lees, Team Leader – Customer Relations Health Super (Australia)
It was an inspiring event, that was packed full of helpful information and ideas. There was a sense of pride and respect throughout the conference. It was a great opportunity to build relationships with delegates from all over the World and Australia which is fantastic, I’ve been back for less than a week and have made contact with several of delegates and will continue to do so. There is so much to learn from the other cultures in the greater Australasia.
Fabian Quezada (Australia)
“The event was great, I not only learned new tips, but was able to benchmark my organizations against the best in the world, and it has helped me realize we are definitely on our way to becoming a world class contact center.”
Daniel Bergan St George Bank (Australia)
What an amazing event. It is so powerful to hear from those in the industry who are committed to best practice and enhancing the industry through excellence. We are very proud of our award for Best In Service as it is directly linked to our vision for our brand and our contact center and solid validation that we do make a difference to our customers. I highly recommend the event to anyone who is interested in testing their performance within the industry
Raj Wadhwani, President ContactCenterWorld.com

What a fantastic week! The bowling was fun, the presentations stellar and the gala just capped off an amazing week. Everyone had a great time and we all shared and learned lots from the presentations. Anyone attending the Las Vegas event where the best from around the world will meet and share ideas is in for a treat. Congratulations to every – they were all simply amazing.

The conference presenters and the delegates picked to share best practice ideas and show case the best in Asia Pacific at the Nov 2-5th Global Best Practice Conference at the Palms in Las Vegas are:

– PT Bank Central Asia (Indonesia) presenting on best practices for Community Spirit/Projects by the contact center

– Wardhani Soedjono of VADS (Indonesia) presenting on best practices for contact center leaders

– St. George Bank (Australia) to present on their best practices in Customer Service by an internal contact center

– NTT-ME Corporation (Japan) to present on their best practices in Customer Service by an outsourced contact center

– Jekky Norton Mahieu of PT Bank Central Asia (Indonesia) presenting on Sales Agent best practices

– Bernie Goh of NCS (Singapore) presenting on Customer Service Agent best practices
– NTUC Income (Singapore) will be presenting on best practices running a mid-sized contact center
– Bank Central Asia, TBK (Indonesia) will be presenting on best practices for Outbound
– Celcom Axiata Berhad (Malaysia) will be presenting best practices in help desks
– Nicholas Khalil of St.George Bank (Australia) to present on Supervisor best practices
– Khairiah Adam of VADS (Malaysia) to present on Contact Center Trainer best practices
– Celcom Axiata Berhad (Malaysia) will be presenting on best practices running a small contact center (outsourcer)
– NCS Pte. Ltd. And Ministry of Manpower (Singapore) to present on best practice outsourcing partnerships
– Marco Angelo Burgos of Celcom (Malaysia) to present on best practices for Workforce Planning Professionals
– Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Direct Banking (Australia) to present on best practices for running a large (over 250 agents) internal contact center
– PT Bank Central Asia (Indonesia) will be presenting on best practices in recruitment
– HCL (India) and True Touch (Thailand) to present on best practices for running a large (over 250 agents) outsourced contact center
– NCS Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) to present on best practices in incentive schemes for agents/reps
– Alson Yeo of NTUC Income (Singapore) to present best practices in IT Support within the contact center
– SOFTBANK BB Corp. (Japan) to present best practices in developing technology (internally) within a contact center
– Lene Du Preez of OCIS (Australia) will present best practices for Human Resource Professionals in the contact center
The following were also presented with an Industry Champion Award for their respective country:
– Junying Wu of China Mobile (China)
– Koji Funatsu of Transcosmos (Japan)
– Ranjit Narasimhan of HCL (India)
– Anita Bowtel of CCMA (Australia)
Contact center executives interested in learning best practices are encouraged to attend one of the best practice events hosted by ContactCenterWorld – go to www.ContactCenterWorld.com/conferences for more information. Select the Las Vegas event 2ndto 5th November 2010.

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