Accordia Soft WallBoard (SWB)


The Accordia Soft Wall Board (ASWB) provides you with the ability to harness the power of real time statistics in the operations and management of your call center on a daily basis. The Wall Boards are powerful tools to help your business operate in real time by aiding your supervisors/team leaders/call center managers to react faster to any changes in your business, at the same time making decisions based on up-to-date and accurate data. It encourages your agents to become proactive and this leads to an improvement in the productivity in the organizations.

Benefits of Accordia Soft Wall Board

The Accordia Soft Wall Board (ASWB) instantly displays critical information and statistics visually to your call center to enable and empower your agents in to handle calls efficiently. By visually displaying real-time service levels to your agents and supervisors, the call center can quickly gauge their statuses and redeploy resources if required. It immediately displays alerts to your call center when service levels or abandon rates drop below acceptable threshold level.

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