Enhance your customer service experience
ACCORDIA CIS IP Contact Center Solution

Keep your customer happy for less with an integrated all in one IP Contact Center Solution

Accordia CIS is developed for ease of use consisting of a suite of integrated applications that are necessary to operate and manage a call center efficiently. It takes advantage of the cost-effective Asterisk Open Source IP Telephony platform, and provides the necessary functionality and reporting that is required to manage a professional-enterprise grade call center.


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A hosted, managed cloud contact center solution

Consider these factors:
  • Are you ready to stop managing your call center system?
  • Do you need to have your call center system up and running right away?
  • Do you want your call center system to upgrade to the newest version automatically?
  • Do you prefer a monthly subscription to a capital investment?

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An owned and operated contact center solution

Consider these factors:
  • Do you want to control and manage your call center system in-house?
  • Do you plan to deploy your call center system during a coming quarter?
  • Do you prefer to have your IT team upgrade your call center system on their schedule?
  • Do you prefer a planned capital investment to a monthly operational expense?

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Cost effective Modular Solutions allows you to start small and add functionality as you grow.

Accordia Customer Interaction Suites (CIS) helps your business meet and exceed the level of service in line with the expectations of your customers, while driving your employees’ productivity and controlling your operational costs.

Accordia Call Center (CC)

Application that addresses your needs for a cost effective Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) application

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Accordia Contact Management (CM)

Enables your call center to manage all customers’ and prospects’ contact information or leads, and suppliers

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Accordia Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

Provides the option for your call centers to automate services and transactions that typically

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Accordia Voice Logger (AVL)

An integrated IP and TDM based Voice Recording Solution. Recording customer interactions

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Accordia Outbound Dialer (OD)

VR Auto Dialer solution that helps call center and telemarketing companies simplifies

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Accordia Call Blending (ACB)

Provides the capabilities for your agent to make out-bound calls as well as receive in-bound calls

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Accordia Soft WallBoard (SWB)

Harness the power of real time statistics in the operations and management of your call center

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Accordia Agent Evaluation (AE)

Provides the option for your call centers to automate services and trasactions that typically

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Accordia Knowledge Base (KB)

Search for support and product information in order to assist your callers efficiently.

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Accordia Skype Video Call Center

VR Auto Dialer solution that helps call center and telemarketing companies simplifies

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During the festive seasons, some 12,000 callers have contacted the Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan Sdn Bhd (SAINS).
After engaging Accordia Solution, we activated our 24 hour toll free hotlines and managed to
address 98% of the consumer and the callers figure has dropped significantly to only 7,000.

S.Visnu Pria, Head of SAINS


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